Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Dont Wanna Broke Up No More

I've had enough of this game , we both keep fighting for the same reason , take another piece of my heart, u know its falling all apart . I miss u so bad,i dont want anybody else , No! that's for sure . I know it's all my fault , Somehow it's always me for all the mess i made, for the way i made u feel,i know how arrogant i am but im trying to say sorry but u just dont understand me bout my feeling at all . that's makes me feel so bad.

 I dont wanna be what u remember . forget bout what im saying just now ' i dont want anybody else ' . U had killing my love so many time . im just being fooled with your words , promises . my love is meaningless for u . i should give my love to someone else, for the right person . just erase all the memories we had . hard for me to forget u but enough is enough .

Last but not least , hope u happy with ur "newbie" . Bye! 

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