Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hurmm..the clock showing me 5.00 Am now and i still cannot close my sepet not sleepy yet..maybe caused by caffein i took or something reason tht only just 'u' know maybe n_n..ok, by today im gonna hangout to Midvalley for watching some movies [ i like watching muvees u know , owh u know oredi , ok nvrmind ] , but i've been through confuse just now whether watch Khurafat or Green Hornet.

some of my friends said better watch Khurafat Coz this muvee is the ever best malay film muvee..many moral values and give a lessons to community.thats what they told  me and also they said this muvee was always discussed in the Tv , and other part of my friends said that Green Hornet is more better than Khurafat coz Green Hornet damn hell funny and absolutely will never felt any regret at all after watching this muvee. We'll see which one of them i've choosen.
So lets stop merepek-ing ,  i dont have any idea to talking about. im doing this coz waiting for my beauty sleepy come to influence me go to bed..btw,she called me just now ,told tht she arrived already. not the time i was expected. ok gtg now,until then.Bye

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