Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yesterday,which is 03122009 equal to thursday,me+father+bro went out to city..
Our first destination is Wisma Sabah..something few things to do with my father business..Then,My brother told us that today(yesterday)..Do u get me?..was opening day for the new Shopping complex called SURIA SABAH..So we're  decided to go there..when we got in there,its totally different with the others building..well not 100% completed yet..there have 4/5 not so sure bout that though..only 2,3 shop just opened up..MetroJaya was the first shop opened..perghh..too many people in we just looking up in there,the structure,the dress, father got so so so so much shocked..he just looking the batik kemeja and check out for the price is RM400++ for one shirt..haha..totally all stuff in there so expensive..suits for VVIP only i think..

then,we goes to in front of DBKK..Shell station..ask for some kind of gas subsidy,me and my brother go in to the counter,and wait for the woman;worker for subsidy stuff..meanwhile my brother outside and left me in the counter,after 5 minutes,that woman come up,and my brother ask her for subsidy then he left us..before that woman following my brother to go outside..she said "subsidi! menyampah!!" in time and didnt realize that me just stand beside her!!..i felt like want to get mad to her but i dont want to ashamed her because too many customer in there..we go somewhere else which next to station..then i was noticed her"lain kali kalau mau cakap menyampah dekat tu orang agak2 la,harap muka jak cantik,siap bertudung lagi tapi perangai macam shit!!"..nahh!! lepas tu muka dia terkejut macam babi mau kena panggang! pucat satu badan! at the same time abg aku tnya kenapa,aku bgtau la yg bitch tu cakap menyampah dgn abang aku sendiri!..time aku tgk dia purak2 dia wat kerja dia sambil membelakangkan badan dia..malu punya pasal kan..luckyly mood abg aku time tu ok..kalau tidak..kau siap!! lantak lah kau perempuan..bertudung tapi tak ada adab!! fuck off u stupid bitch! better kau tarik bukak jak tudung kau tu..tak payah la pkai kalau begitu la perangai kau! BODOH!


  1. tu la psl nis..sib baek jak dia bertudung bha..kalau nda..lama da aku tarik2 rambut dia smpai putus tu..biar dia botak(wah ganas siott!)