Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Did u know what SUDOKU is?? if u dont,just find the answer at Wikipedia la..haha..but what exactly i want telling u is im already falling in love with this puzzle!!..i dont know why now i like playing this kind though..it was supposed long time ago;
when im still sitting in the school;when my classmate,Siti Hasmah;i called her "budak skema" trying to think harder+half die enough to solve out  this puzzle while the next teacher not come in to our class yet..
so,when i saw her with blank+confuse+serious+focus face,i close to her and asking her..

"Oit macik,apa ko tengah buat ni,aku tgk macam-macam jenis reaksi muka ko buat,ko ada masalah negara apa??"

then she answered me,

"Aku main Sudoku la,susah betul"

 "apa benda tu??" me replied..

then,she told me everything about what is that mean act. and how to playing it..
me,who dont like to give any burden into my mind,gave her my reaction and said


She quietly stared at me and deep into my eyes..idk what exactly she thinking of her mind on that time..
After 5 sec,she change her vision to sudoku and keep focus to that puzzles,and dont care about my exist..
i think she get mad,dont u think?? haha wtv..
Then i left her alone and keep going to do my fav.activity:drawing my friends nose quietly without them  realised..haha..just for fun la guys..

Ok back to the main topic,
Recently, me and my family was going to kampung..my mother have something stuff to do..almost 1 day we stay there..and nothing much activities to do..

At noon,out there was so hot+dry..so me and my big bro stay at home and find any stuff to read..then i found newspaper,bro ask me to find any sudoku puzzles..after keep looking it for a while,finally i found it..and gave it to my big bro..me,with nothing stuff to do,had to look at what him doing,yes of course,solve out sudoku puzzle!..huhu..

Then my bro asking me if i know how to play this puzzle,and i answered him,Oh HELL NO!..
Then,once again,like 'budak skema' did the same thing to me before..bla bla bla..but,on that time im fucking serious to listen about what he telling is..and ask me to trying to solve this kind..
And me,berani mati try it..
But the problems came out when the pen doesnt work!! WTF!!

So we decided to solve it when we arrive at home..and when we arrived,me and bro continue with that sudoku..its kindly hard to solve out..it takes almost 2 hours..huhu.
But in the end,we are so happy because its done..start from there,i fall in love with that stuff until now..Hee~~

why dont u try it by urself? here,let me teach u how to play:


The Basic Rules of Sudoku:

-There is only one valid solution to each Sudoku puzzle. The only way the puzzle can be considered solved correctly is when all 81 boxes contain numbers and the other Sudoku rules have been followed.
- When you start a game of Sudoku, some blocks will be pre-filled for you. You cannot change these numbers in the course of the game.
-Each COLUMN  MUST contain all of the numbers 1 through 9 and NO two numbers in the SAME COLUMN of a Sudoku puzzle can be the same.
-Each ROW MUST contain all of the numbers 1 through 9 and NO two numbers in the SAME  ROW of a Sudoku puzzle can be the same.
-Each BLOCK MUST contain all of the numbers 1 through 9 and NO two numbers in the SAME BLOCK of a Sudoku puzzle can be the same.
-So simple and enjoy it!