Wednesday, October 28, 2009


                                   Where are you right now? -my hell room

Are you bored?-ya,kind off la 

What day is today?-wednesday lorh

Are you happy?-erm,i dont think so

Do you have a lot of friends?-yes of course dude!

Are you close with them?-not really

Who do you tell everything to?-Meimei and mucuk(pipah)but not at all la..sort off

 Is that person your best friend?-yohaaa..

Does your best friend call you their best friend?-ya iya la bha..aku gigit2 kepala dorang lau nda ngaku..ngee~~

Does your best friend have other best friends?-ya lorh

Do you ever fight with your best friend?-aiyoh..we're such a hell good buddies..xpenah la..

Does your best friend know everything about you?-hurm..i dunno,its depend on them

Do you know everything about your best friend? -heee~~(tau bha)

Are your friends jealous of your best friend? -lolx..what for??

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?-hakhakhak..^_^

Do you have sex with that person?-0_o?! WTF!!

Are you close with your boyfriend/girlfriend?-Ngee~n_n

 Do you want kids?-yepz

 Do you miss being a kid?-yayayaya!!

Who was the last person to call you?-Fara!! n_n

Who was the last person to text you?-mucuk pipah

 Who was the last person to comment on your myspace page?-dont hv Ms

Do you have facebook?-yupz

 Who was the last person to write on your facebook wall?-ntah,malas aku mo view ni

 Which do you like better facebook or myspace?-FB of course!

 Have you ever cheated?-Ya!! it makes me suck dude!

Have you ever been cheated on? -uhhh....yupz~

Would you ever cheat?-if terpaksa

Do you have any tattoos?-nope

Do you have any piercings?-hakhakhak..nda la kali..garau ada la..hekhekhek

Do you have any regrets?-hurmm,dunno,i cant remember

What are you wearing?-Bikini!!..wakakakaka..(tee-trousers la)

Do you have plans for the weekend?-Futsal/shisha/hangout maybe?

Will you be with your friends this weekend? -yupz

When was the last time you were drunk?-WTF!!

Do you ever lie?-ha'ah

Do you enjoy sex?-OMG,WTF?!

How often do you have sex?-what the fuck this Q is?!

What was the last movie you watched?-Year One

 Who was the last person to email you?-ntah,lom check email g

Is that person a close friend?-how can i know?

 Would that person do anything to hurt you?-0_o?!

 Does that person know a lot about you?-X_X

Who was the last person you talked to?-My mOm

What did you say?-"Mak,Apa lauk tengahari ni?"

 Do you wish you were somewhere else?-ya,atas awan..hehe

 Are you a nice person?-hell No!

 Do people like you?-haha..ask themself la..

 Do you have friends from out of state?-yohaa..

Where do they live?-ntah d mana tu

Do you have friends from out of the country?-ya lorh..

 Have you ever been out of the country? and if yes where?-Nope

 Where would you like to go?-UK(byk g ka ko mo tnya? penat da aku ni!)

What song are you listening to?-Dear God by A7X!

 Are you getting bored of this survey?-ko rasa?!

 Are you close with your parents?-yes of course dear!

What's your favorite thing to eat?-Nasik!

Whats the thing that you hate the most to eat?-P.O.R.K! x_x

Do you think anyone will do this survey?-ya mybe

Do you think 60 questions is too many to answer?-So many la Tambi!!

*copy from bedah..heee~~


  1. yups !
    ni marsya !
    yea, still high school !
    my age ?
    umo bpe ?

  2. Py BUKan MaMa Ko Ckp..
    Naq ari Nie Lauk JaLak MasaK sOs Ka??

  3. haha jalak?? uinaaa..
    nda pndai aku mkn benda tu owh..
    masak sos??
    lg laaaaaa..hahahaha